Godzilla 2012 Poster: Real or Fake?

by Armand Vaquer

Things have been quiet on the Legendary Pictures/Warner Brothers Godzilla project lately.

I received this in an email today. This is the first I've seen of it, so I can't say if this is authentic or not.


  1. Interesting poster design. Kinda looks like the G98 teaser poster ... a bit. I'm interested to learn who sent it to you?

    Note: i went and checked out www.godzilla2012.com and there is a blank page at that domain so it could be a sign that it is legit .... maybe?

  2. Also .... if they are gunning for a summer 2012 release then the film has to be in production already .... just in secret.

  3. fake.. raptor eye from jurrasic park movie or some B budget flick. i looked closley at the eye. it looks photo shopped and pupil is the area to look at. Devistation has a name? that lame even for warner brothers. don't trust this one.

  4. Lame? What are you talking about, previous anonymous poster? That is an awesome tagline.

  5. its fake a fan made it put it out now its just bouncin around

  6. I agree with the others. Its fake but still looks cool


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