The Crypto Reporter - Monster Sightings From Around The World (Issue #4)

Articles Collected By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: Various

Vancouver's TrailriderResearch explores Sasquatch, UFO connections

“There's a methodology that's pretty commonly accepted now for Bigfoot researchers,” according to “Bruce” from TrailriderResearch. Bruce spoke to The Secret Message Report – Podcast Edition after completing an overnight road trip to a Vancouver-area provincial park in search of Sasquatch and UFO's. TrailriderResearch first caught the attention of UFO enthusiasts with a night vision video released in 2008 showing three mysterious lights hovering in a remote forest in British Columbia. During the interview, Bruce spoke candidly regarding the reality of Bigfoot living in the wilderness along with lights and other inexplicable phenomena that accompany their presence.

Signs of Sasquatch

“The first thing you look for in the forest is tree sign,” Bruce explained, “[W]hich means running across trees maybe up to four inches in diameter, five inches in diameter that have been snapped at the four or five foot level and then just pushed over. The unique thing about the snap, the break, is that it's ... almost like an explosive break. It's not a splinter. ... All the damage to the tree is really compressed into a small area . It's not the way you would expect a tree to break.

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Is the Loveland Frog real?

Have you ever heard of the Loveland Frog? A supposed 3-to-4 foot tall amphibian with green leathery skin that walks erect and hangs out near the Little Miami River in Loveland?

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Winnipeg Free Press

Lake Manitoba teems with fish. Anglers can pull out large numbers of Walleye, Northern Pike, and Yellow Perch. One species of marine life that no one has managed to catch is the elusive Lake Manitoba monster – Manipogo.

Like the Loch Ness Monster, in Scotland, and Ogopogo, in Lake Okanagan, B.C., Manipogo is a large, serpent-like creature that some have claimed to have seen swimming in Lake Manitoba. Sightings have occurred throughout the last century, mainly in the Toutes Aides area, north of Ste. Rose du Lac.

Eyewitnesses have claimed the monster to be anywhere between 12 and 45 feet in length. Some have said it looked like it had the head of a horse, some say the head of a sheep.

With the majority of sightings happening around Toutes Aides, the Manitoba government decided to name the area’s provincial park after the mythical beast.

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“Caddy” The Lake Monster Captured On Tape?
Ghost Theory

Cadboro Bay, British Columbia. For eighty years, locals have been hearing strange accounts of a large reptilian beast lurking the waters of Cadboro Bay. The creature, nicknamed Caddy, has been described as a serpent with a long neck and the head of a horse.


“Cadborosaurus willsi“, nicknamed Caddy, is an alleged sea serpent reported to be living on the Pacific Coast of North America. Its name is derived from Cadboro Bay in Victoria, British Columbia, and the Greek root word “saurus” meaning lizard or reptile. Reports describe it as being similar in form and behavior to various popularly named lake monsters such as “Ogopogo” of Okanagan Lake in British Columbia and to the Loch Ness Monster of Scotland.

There have been more than 300 claimed sightings during the past 200 years, including Deep Cove in Saanich Inlet, and Island View Beach, both like Cadboro Bay also on the Saanich Peninsula, also British Columbia, and also at San Francisco Bay, California.
Cadborosaurus willsi is said by witnesses to resemble a serpent with vertical coils or humps in tandem behind the horse-like head and long neck, with a pair of small elevating front flippers, and a pair of large webbed hind flippers fused to form a large fan-like tail region that provides powerful forward propulsion.

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Mysterious animal chupacabra killed in Ukrainian Chernigov region ‎ ForUm (blog

Residents of the Ukrainian Chernigov region have killed an offspring of an animal unknown to vets but rumored as chupacabra.

Village women from Chemer spotted a couple of strange beings on the streets near their plots, and a man killed one of the animals with a pitchfork, the UNIAN news agency said on Thursday citing local media.

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Recent Bigfoot Sightings From The BFRO:

Deer hunters hear possible vocalizations and find strange footprints near Ellisville

On Jan 11, 2010 my friend and I went to go shoot our guns with his son and nephew. My friends stand sit about 50 yards of the road with a fence about 40 yards away. We found track that come right up to the fence and stop then go back across the dirt road and that's where I heard the growl. The print were 21 inches long 4 inches at heel and 7 inches at the toes.

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Two witnesses recount a close daytime encounter with a very curious creature near Lebanon

Yesterday,I ,my dad,my son,and his Friend, went up to our farm in Wilson County to do some bush hogging and prepare our deer stands for the up coming season..The kids asked if they could walk the logging road to see if they could see any deer or turkeys while me and my dad bush hogged the fields.

About 20 minutes went by and I see my son and his friend running towards the tractor out of breath.."Dad,i don't care if you believe me or not but what we just saw...I never want to see again!"..His friend said she saw it first. This is the story they have repeatedly told me all afternoon yesterday and this morning- They were walking the logging Rd,and my son started hearing these loud crashes in front of them to the right coming towards them...

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Man and granddaughter hear possible vocals of two creatures approaching them near Ashford

Myself and my 7 year old grand daughter were out checking out some of the reported sigthings in the pierce county area.These sightings were a couple years old. The report #20591 is the site where we encountered vocals if thats what you want to call it, I call it a bunch of screaming.

Anyway, we turned right at the first baptist church and went down this gravel pot holed road, we went as far as we could which was 1/2 mile maybe. the road is blocked off by giant rocks so we parked there got out walked straight down the road followed it for an hour or so anyway we seen a not trespassing sign posted up in a tree we were trying to make it to the river guess u cant get there anymore. we did see a green van parked down the road also, so we headed back to the truck. after getting back to the truck I was thinking about leaving the area but noticed another road across this small creek that ran along side of the road rite where the truck was parked. we crossed it went threw the area where the big pipes are and turn right followed the road which turns in to a path i'd call it anyway we got about 100 feet, i heard what i thought was a gruggling sound i stopped and i also noticed i did hear birds everything went dead quiet then I heard a faint little whine.

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  1. The footage of the swimming creatures being chased by Beluga whales sounds interesting! I hope the station that bought the video televises it soon.


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