King Kong, Godzilla, And The Starship Enterprise All Made From Recycled Printer Cartridges

Source: PRWEB

Instead of throwing away used ink cartridges have you ever wondered what else you could do with them? Well Wickford based ink cartridges retailer ink and Media Ltd with the help of Midlands based artist Faith Pearson have fused a love of sci-fi and film with ink cartridges.

The result is a series of recycled art pieces that recreate a range of cinematic moments - including King Kong, Godzilla and even a model of the Star Trek enterprise.

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Pete Warrior said: "We were blown away when she came back with these scenes and models including famous Sci Fi movies!"

"It just shows that we all throw too much away that could be put to another use and we're excited to be involved in this fun project with Faith".

The scenes were all created by hand and a series of background installations were designed before the final pieces were complete.

Midlands based artist Faith Pearson added: "When of cartridges turned up I started to imagine the possibilities and with a little inspiration from my sons I set to work. I'm hoping people will find the final pieces fun, exciting and kind of amusing too".

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