“Ginger Stein: The Darkness Comes” Signed And Remarked Limited Edition Available At Sac Horror Convention

Source: Comic Book Divas (Press Release)

“Ginger Stein: The Darkness Comes” will be debuting at the SAC Horror Convention September 25th-26th at the Sacramento Scottish Rite Center; nit Comic Book Divas and Dennis Willman will be making a limited edition of this comic available online; “Ginger Stein: The Darkness Comes” is not only the first comic fully drawn and written by Creator Dennis Willman but also feature the first appearance of “Ginger Stein” and many of the key characters that will appear in the upcoming “Ginger Stein: Rise Of The Undead”.

This special edition of the SAC Horror “Ginger Stein: The Darkness Comes” variant cover edition will feature signatures from creator Dennis Willman, actress and scream queen Shannon Lark, actress, model and scream queen Deneen Melody, and model Apple Angel to name a few.

In addition to the signatures, Dennis Willman will be remarking or re-sketching a special drawing on the cover of the comic book that will unique only to this printing of the comic.

The “Ginger Stein: The Darkness Comes” SAC Horror Signed and Remarked edition will be available for a limited time with a print run of only 60 copies with a limit of 5 copies per order.

The “Ginger Stein: The Darkness Comes” SAC Horror Signed and Remarked is available for $25.00 + $5.00 shipping and may only be order by Pre-Order ONLY via Paypal.

The comic will be shipped October 15th 2010.

“Thank you for your support in our cause to fight this plague”

- Ginger

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