Star Trek - Original Series - Spock and Romulan Kirk Figures

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Get great twists on a pair of classics with the Star Trek Original Series Spock and Romulan Kirk Figures! These collectible characters feature special additions like Spock's arched eyebrow and Kirk's Romulan disguise from the episode "The Enterprise Incident." Beam them up to your homeworld today!

Star Trek Original Series Spock and Romulan Kirk Figures
  • Spock and Kirk are together again… in this action figure 2-pack!
  • From the "Enterprise Incident" episode of Star Trek: The Original Series.
  • You get an all-new Commander Spock and Romulan Kirk!
  • 20 points of articulation, plus accessories.
Spock and Kirk, together again! From Star Trek: The Original Series, bring home the unstoppable team responsible for saving the universe on several occasions with this action figure 2-pack. With an all-new Commander Spock and Romulan Kirk as featured in the fan-favorite "Enterprise Incident," you can't lose! Each 6-inch figure features 20 points of articulation and accessories from the timeless TV series. Limited edition of 1,701 pieces.

Age: 13+
Size: 6-inches tall
Edition Size: 1,701 pieces

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