Dejah Thoris Gets Her Own Comic Book Series

Source: Dynamite Comics

Spinning off from the incredibly successful Dynamite Entertainment Warlord of Mars series, Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris #1 will arrive in comic book stores March 2011!

Martians live forever -- everyone knows that. So what was Dejah Thoris doing all those hundreds of years before John Carter arrived? Four hundred years before the events of Warlord of Mars took place, Dejah's nation of Helium was divided into two warring city-states. An unscrupulous overlord from afar encouraged that rivalry to his own advantage, until he discovered a terrible secret from Mars' ancient past beneath Dejah Thoris' capital. A secret to kill for!

"Burroughs left so many tantalizing breadcrumb trails in the first few Mars novels, but he never followed most of them," says writer Arvid Nelson. "This series is going to follow some of those trails. We're going to see how Dejah Thoris' kingdom of Helium rose to preeminence. We're going to see her first suitor. And we're going to see Dejah herself kick some ass. She's a great character, totally deserving of her own series. It's great having her in a more active role."

"In addition to what Arvid said, there is so much that can be added to the mythos of John Carter, including the story before the story," states Dynamite Publisher Nick Barrucci. "Arvid has done a fantastic job with the main series, and we are extremely excited by his take on Dejah Thoris."

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