Lenora Crichlow Talks About The Third Season Of BEING HUMAN

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How do viewers meet Annie in the new series, as she was left in purgatory in the series two?

When we see her in episode one she is in a bad way – she is still in purgatory and frantic about what will happen to her. She is crying out for help and you get a sense of her desperation. It doesn't look good for her at the beginning of the series.

How does Annie feel about the move to Barry?

To say she is less than excited would probably be the right thing. I don't think Annie is great with change. She likes her routine, she likes familiar surroundings. The fact that they've moved puts her out a little bit and then she surveys Barry and is even more unenthused. But she gets used to it pretty quickly and it does become her home. She's a good homemaker, Annie, so she can cope.

Do you think she'll miss Bristol?

I think there is an element of that, but also a really nice sense of starting again and a fresh start – which I think they all want and need – and, for Annie, it's a chance to make new memories of a place and wipe the slate clean. There is a lot of stuff that wasn't so great about the place she was in – and Bristol itself – so the move is for the best.

How would you describe the new pad?

Big! Big and really fantastic – we were blown away by the set. It's stunning on and off camera. It felt like being in a big dolls' house and felt very homely for a set. It was much more solid then the last set and on a much bigger scale. The attention to detail is exquisite – I was so impressed.

Will Annie's rescue from purgatory show a different side to her this series?

Definitely. Annie's done a 360. When we meet her in series three, she is much more empowered and secure – and I think that's because the worst thing that could have happened to her has happened. She now has fearlessness about her and a real appreciation for everybody that is in her little life. We definitely see a different side to her this series – she has definitely grown.

How would you describe the new characters?

There are some fantastic new characters in the show. This series really starts to pad out the world that the three of them find themselves in. It becomes a lot more complex and you see the scale of what's going on. It's not just the three of them in a flat anymore; it starts to filter out into the real world. There are some brilliant cameos and brilliant regulars that take us through series three. You'll laugh, cry and drool!

The new characters mean the three of us really start to build up a community, as we realise we are not alone. It's what I'd call an alternative community, which they are introduced to and when they begin to explore and become part of it, it's really exciting. But the three of us are still very much a tight unit.

How has it been working with all the fantastic guest stars?

All the guest stars were pretty amazing. Lacey Turner was fantastic – she was great to work with and a lovely person. We had some great scenes together.

Have there been any memorable scenes this year, any scenes that have been particularly fun to shoot?

There's a scene where Russell has to give us this weird look and I don't know how he does it, but he managed to have everybody in hysterics. Even members of the crew had to step off set. We were just in absolute fits – professionalism went out the window completely!

When you get the scripts have there ever been moments when you think: "I never thought they would take Annie there"?

There are a lot of surprises for Annie in this series. The thing with Toby is you just trust him that much that you don't want to second guess him. I won't lie – everybody has a pop at what they think is going to happen – but he just manages to make everything make sense, it's all very organic.

And I'm always in absolute surprise by what's coming next and it keeps me on my toes. It draws me in. Even if you feel you saw it coming, Toby writes it in such a way that you'll have that "huh?" moment.

But one thing I will say is that you need to stick with series three till the end – the end is a blinder!

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