PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE Remake (Finally) Moving Forward

Source: Darkstone Entertainment

After the long plotting and preparing from the creators of Plan 9 (The Plan 9 From Outer Space Remake) it is now full steam ahead! Production is slotted to begin March 20th! And as for recent updates to the production… John Johnson (The Director) searched Youtube as a talent base and kidnapped a few of its finest! Ryan Higa (Best Known as Nigahiga), James Rolfe (Best Known as the Angry Video Game Nerd), and Matt Sloan and Aaron Yonda (Best known for the Chad Vader videos) to name a few! Also, with the production gearing up, a film competition is being unleashed!

The Plan 9 Film Competition

Starting Friday, January 7th through Sunday March 20th is the Plan 9 film competition. This is a challenge for filmmakers to join in the Plan 9 explosion and create films to coincide with the motion picture itself!


Here is how it works…

Filmmakers have from the 7th till the 20th to make a 60 second to 3 minute short on their take of the original Plan 9 From Outer Space. It can be done in any genre or style. From dark horror to campy comedy, all is welcomed. What we really want to see is the filmmakers show off their talents and love of the original film.

On March 20th all entries will be tallied and ten filmmakers will be chosen to go to the next step in the competition. At this point the ten finalists will be given some of the Plan 9 script and storyline. Then they will have 30 days to shoot a 5 minute movie that would take place at the same time and within the universe of the Plan 9 storyline. Their productions will occur at the same time as the production of the motion picture and their projects will be looked at as sister films to Plan 9!

On May 1st all ten films will be placed on the Plan 9 web site and be voted on by the fans to choose the top five. Those chosen five will be in the extra features on the DVD release! And four awards will be given out…

Best Picture

Best Screenplay

Best Director

And the Chupacabra Surprise! (Award given to the worst film in the competition.)

To join the competition or read more about it please visit Plan 9¬e_id=499007474736 on FaceBook!

Once again there is no entry fee and the submissions need to be in by 11:59pm March 20th, 2011.

Another BIG announcement that John wants to make is that after the investors and Distributors make their money from the film, John is going to turn Plan 9 into the public domain. The web site will become an archive that filmmakers and fans can raid for all that they can carry! He feels that the material doesn’t belong to him, but to all. “This is the best way to see Ed’s vision live on.” – John Johnson

We have also started a Plan 9 Web Series Entitled "Criswell Predicts" based on the old Criswell Predictions from the 50's! It also ties directly into the film in ways that can can't explain now... But... Soon will be revealed... To see the Criswell Predicts playlist on youtube click here!

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  1. How about just making the damn movie already instead 3 years of self promotion ?


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