New Photos From Toxic Avenger 5

Source: Suzi Lorraine

Here are a set of brand new photos from the set of "Toxic Avenger 5". Just imagine what it would be like to have toxic twins running around your house?

What is it about Suzi Lorraine and movies about monster children? First came "Won Ton Baby" and now this.

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  1. ok, pint-sized zombies are scary, but scarier still was that phantom post in the RSS feed that appears retracted now; I just wanted to say here that MIN is only my must-read list always, I depend on robojapan to know anything at all about Godzilla movie rumours, about Barbarella rumours (and debunkings of rumours), for zombie forecasts and of course the ever welcome compendiums of hot women in monster cinema today (you cannot have a monster without a suitable damsel in distress). If there are changes afoot I do wish you the very best and thank you from my kaiju heart for all these years as my life-line to civilization.

  2. MIN isnt going anywhere. Im presently looking into new ways to post articles like this one which was done via an Android phone. Still working the bugs out on that venue.

    The site should be back on target and publishing regulary in a month or so. Until then shorter features will be the norm.

  3. ah, (whew) thanks; good to know. Short mobile posts is quite alright by me! :)


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