Predictions For 2011 That Should Come True .... But May Not

Written By: Ken Hulsey

Ah, here we are in a brand new year with hopes set high wondering what kind of wonders await us all.

Well, I had some time to kill so I decided to consult the crystal ball, some tea leaves in a cup, a bag of old bat bones, some cards I found in my kids room (I don't think that it was a full deck) and the pages of some old tabloid magazines to look into the mist and learn just what is going to transpire over the next twelve months.

Now, I have to warn you, these predictions are "stone cold locks" so try to act surprised when they happen.


1. Nachos will replace hamburgers as the nations top snack food.
2. Giant crabs will come ashore somewhere in the gulf states ..... and no one will notice
3. Everyone will be shocked when they learn that the alien lizard men really run the world.
4. It will be revealed that the next Star Trek movie will have the Gorn in it , on the behalf of our alien lizard overlords.
‎5. It's gonna rain.
6. America will embrace the electric car.
7. Rock replaces Hip-hop as cool.
8. Some celebrities will die, others will not.
9. Arnold Schwarzenegger confesses to the world that he really is a cyborg from the future sent by the machines (or alien lizard men) to destroy California.
10. Big earthquake or hurricane......... can't tell you where (um, lizard men)
11. 49ers win super bowl, oh wait "THE BIG GAME" in 2012 ........yeah, I wish

I would say more but the lizard men ..... and giant crabs are monitoring this.

Pretty powerful stuff, I know, but it is a new year, and the world is changing fast. It is best to be prepared.



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