The First Image Of Caesar From RISE OF THE APES

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Obsessed With Film

When 20th Century Fox first announced way back in 2008 that they were planning to reboot the "Planet of the Apes" movie franchise using modern computer generated effects many in the fan community spoke out in objection. How would CGI Apes stand up against the legendary makeup effects created by John Chambers for the original films?

Well today we have our first glimpse of what the main character, Caesar, in "Rise of the Apes" will look like.

Fox revealed many images from their upcoming releases at the Las Vegas’ CinemaCon including the above image, albeit only the nose and eyes, of Andy Serkis as the genetically altered ape who will bring about the fall of mankind.

The apes in "Rise" are being digitally created by Weta Studios with hair effects by Columbia University’s Eitan Grinspun, who created brand-new state of the art animation software for the Disney animated feature "Tangled".

The look of the character has some flair of Chambers work ..... but then again ..... not really.

I guess the jury will be out until we get a good look at the whole design.

Pity, I really loved the look actual actors in ape make-up.

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