Is Legendary Pictures About To Hand GODZILLA Over To Del Toro?

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Bloody Disgusting

The recent tragedy in Japan has forced Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures to rethink two of their upcoming films that deal with both radiation and giant mutant monsters ..... that were spawned by said radiation. Namely "Pacific Rim" and "Godzilla" which now may be facing script rewrites and even possibly sharing the same director ..... that is if one of the films gets scrapped entirely.

It has been leaked by a source close to both projects that the two studios have asked film maker Guillermo del Toro who has just signed on to helm the giant monster film "Pacific Rim" to rewrite the script so that the film no longer takes place in Japan. According to that source, who spilled the beans to the Bloody Disgusting website, del Toro was not too keen on the idea and may tell the suits to pound sand.

The fun doesn't stop there however. Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures are also considering putting "Rim" on the shelf, maybe permanently, in favor of having del Toro take over "Godzilla 3D" instead. Again, the film maker has apparently turned his nose up at that idea as well. Probably due in large part to the fact that "Godzilla 3D" already has a director,
Gareth Edwards, who took over the project in January.

This doesn't sound like very good news to all the legions of fans out there who have been waiting patiently for over a year for this new American Godzilla movie to get rolling.

It looks like there may be stormy seas ahead if the studios shun Edwards and del Toro walks.

Of course there is no need to panic yet, "Godzilla 3D" is still moving forward ..... slowly.

As an extra bonus for all you Godzilla nuts out there I have included three of the upcoming covers for IDW's "Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters". I really love the artwork for both issues #3 and #4 with Godzilla, Rodan and the often misunderstood Anguirus.

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