Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Kitty Casket / Interpunk

Last week I posted a profile for the Austrian rockabilly band Kitty In A Casket which got a lot of people's attention including the band itself. The band's lead singer Kitty Casket was quite pleased and was quick to point out that their latest CD entitled "Back To Thrill" was due to be released on June 1st.

Kitty was also very interested in getting their horror themed music into actual horror movies, which I also thought was a great idea. At this point there are no deals in place and I am not really at liberty to discuss any details .... let's just say that there are two sides that have expressed some mutual interest and leave it at that.

Is that a tease or what?

Anyway, as I mentioned before Kitty In A Casket has been blazing up my Last FM play list over the past couple of weeks and I just can't seem to get enough of em. Hopefully you will have the same experience. Personally I can't wait to hear the new CD!

Here is the info:

The female-fronted Horror-Punk-Billy Sensation from Austria is "Back to Thrill" with this brand new Album! Even more powerful, with high intense Melodies and this fantastic Voice by Singer Kitty! Somewhere between The Creepshow and NoFx you find KITTY IN A CASKET coming straight from the Crypt! Incl. Guest Vocal by Rene D la Muerte of THE BRAINS on "Shake your bones"!

KIAC are the Shooting Stars in Europes big growing Horror/Punk-A-Billy Scene. There first Album and following EP where big selling Hits and made them play big Festivals and Supportshows all over Europe. With the new Album Viennas female-fronted Hooror-Punk-A-Billys will meet new heights in their career! This is fast driven, high-melodic Horrorpunk with a great Doublebass. If you like Bands like The Creepshow, you will adore Kitty in a casket!


1 Midnight Thrill-Ride Play MP3 clip
2 Never Wanted
3 Trash Talkers
4 Monster Highschool Party
5 Don't Get Me Wrong
6 Blutsauger
7 Back To Thrill
8 Run Run
9 Shake Your Bones
10 Prom Song
11 You Will Remember
12 Headshot
13 Caught In A Dream

The CD is not on Amazon yet, but the second it is I will post a link. However here is a link to the CD info from Interpunk -

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