"Don't Get Me Wrong" A New Music Video From KITTY IN A CASKET

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Kitty Casket

Kitty in a Casket have just released their first official music video from the release "Back to Thrill". This is not the first single off of the new album but it is the first to have a video produced for it. The band themselves put together a vid for "Midnight Thrill Ride" and posted it on Youtube a month or so back.

Here is the skinny:

Here is the video clip to "Don't get me Wrong" (on the album "Back to Thrill", Wolverine Records, 2011).
for news and more information check out: www.kittyinacasket.com

Camera, Cut & Compositing: Bernie Pfeiffer
Regie & 2nd Camera: Jackie Zottl
Concept Idea: Kitty Casket und Jackie Zottl


KITTY IN A CASKET, Sarah (hot blond girl), Patrick (the „nerd"), Jackie (the Zombie, drums), Izzy (guitarplayer), Bernie (bassplayer), Oppi (muscle guy), Floppi (muscle guy boss), Sabrina (rockabella), Kerstin (rockabella #1), Julia (rockabella#2), Jakob (people), Theresa (people), Sabine (people), Luki (people), Nina (people).
Location: Riffhead Vienna, and the cat's home ;)

Sarah (aka Kitty Casket) had this to say about the video release, "Thanks to everybody who participated! It was a lot of work, but also a lot of fun!! Thank you! Also: thanks for being so supportive! :) That's awesome! We appreciate that very much!"

and just in case you missed it:

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