Universal Giving It Another Go With Wolfman Sequel

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: The Playlist

There is a unwritten rule in playground sports known as a "do over", a fail safe for when the outcome of a play in football or basketball comes into question and neither team can agree on a resolution. The "do over" is exactly what it sounds like, the team with the ball starts over as if the prior play never happened. Hollywood, it would seem, has begun to embrace this tactic when ever it pulls a boner as well. Screw up a film, no problem, just wait a couple of years and do it again (aka The Hulk).

Well as everyone knows Universal pulled a major "boner" last year with their updated version of the 1941 horror classic "The Wolfman" that sank like a lead weight with the fans. Wanting eagerly to push the reset button the studio has set out to venture into the genre yet once again.

Not wanting to repeat the mistakes of "The Wolfman" Universal has opted not to make yet another remake their iconic film, but produce another sequel for it (There were several produced in the 40s).

The studio is now moving forward with "Werewolf" a film that was written by Michael Tabb that reportedly has ties to the George Waggner classic. The studio has also hired a rather lesser known director, Louis Morneau (Carnosaur 2, The Hitcher 2, Joy Ride 2) to take the project under his wing.

There is already alot of internet buzz about the hiring of Morneau due to the fact that he is known for directing lesser grade direct to DVD sequels. This of course had lead to speculation that "Werewolf" will be following the same path by bypassing theaters and going strait to store shelves.

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