WEREWOLF Screenwriter Michael Tabb Joins The Monsterverse At Comic Con

Source: The Monsterverse

"WEREWOLF" screenwriter MICHAEL TABB has been added to the MONSTERVERSE HORROR COMICS ATE MY BRAIN panel at the San Diego Comic-Con 2011 on Friday from 5-6 pm in Room 9. "WEREWOLF" was originally a sequel to Universal's "THE WOLFMAN" film but has been re-worked as a new stand alone film. Tabb will be writing a sinister nod to "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" for Monsterverse's acclaimed BELA LUGOSI'S TALES FROM THE GRAVE horror anthology comic book series.

And speaking of werewolves, MONSTERVERSE ENTERTAINMENT recently unleashed the stunning cover of a werewolf for the upcoming THIRD ISSUE of BELA LUGOSI'S TALES FROM THE GRAVE by the superbly talented DAVID HARTMAN and based upon a featured story by STEVE NILES (30 DAYS OF NIGHT) and illustrated by MONSTERVERSE publisher KERRY GAMMILL (SUPERMAN).

David Hartman is one of the most in-demand horror artists working in comics and graphic design today. MONSTERVERSE is thrilled to bring his talents to BELA LUGOSI'S TALES FROM THE GRAVE #3. Currently this issue is being offered for order to shops from DIAMOND DISTRIBUTION with this code:


The book will be coming out at Halloween along with the first book of FLESH AND BLOOD, MONSTERVERSE's new series of graphic novels as written by Robert Tinnell and illustrated by Neil D. Vokes.

You can find an excellent interview with Robert Tinnell at ComicMonsters.com.

FLESH AND BLOOD Volume One begins with the bloody destruction of the legendary vampire, the darkly seductive Carmilla. Her death ignites an epic firestorm of events that draws the greatest icons of Gothic horror into battle across the lush backdrop of 19th century Europe. At the center of this ghastly conflict Baron Victor Frankenstein is forced to merge his diabolical scientific prowess with the black arts of a terrifying supernatural world. This unholy war between light and darkness will not be measured in months or years but across centuries of horror and devastation until one force reigns triumphant. Vampires, werewolves and scientific monsters are unleashed like nothing seen before in film, comics or literature.

As Hammer, Amicus, AIP and other studios enlarged upon the Universal horror canon bringing a sexier maturity to the world's most terrifying monsters along with a more realistic savagery to the violent action, FLESH AND BLOOD brings a modern update to these classic creatures. FLESH AND BLOOD is now available to pre-order at comic shops via Diamond Distribution in its JULY PREVIEWS magazine (Page 298 next to the Frank Miller's HOLY TERROR ad) with the following code:


We'll be announcing a special launch party for both books to be held at the American Cinematheque in the fall along with screening a surprise selection of kindred horror films in its Egyptian theater.

We will be offering previews of the work when Monsterverse takes the stage with a panel at San Diego Comic-Con. MONSTERVERSE HORROR COMICS ATE MY BRAIN. Friday. 5-6. Room 9. With Bela Lugosi, Jr., too!

From the SDCC official site: There is no escaping Bela Lugosi's Tales from the Grave horror anthology comic and upcoming graphic novel series, Flesh And Blood. Joining Monsterverse's Kerry Gammill (Superman) and Sam F. Park (The Halfway House) are Bela Lugosi Jr., screenwriter Michael Tabb (Werewolf), Robert Tinnell (Flesh And Blood), James Farr (Xombie), Chris Moreno (World War Hulk), Mark L. Miller (Ain't It Cool News), Dan Brereton (The Nocturnals), James Groman (The Hobbit), and Mike Dubisch (Aliens vs. Predator). Expect a slideshow and discussion of Monsterverse's horror projects, along with a Q&A session. SDCC 2011 Friday 5:00-6:00 Room 9

Issue #2 of BELA LUGOSI'S TALES FROM THE GRAVE comes out soon with a shocking cover by make-up legend and seven time Academy Award winner Rick Baker. Recently the LA TIMES HERO COMPLEX ran a special story on the cover and issue.

MONSTERVERSE IS DIGITAL! Available via iTunes App Store from iVerse Media. Download the "COMICS +" app to find the BELA LUGOSI'S TALES FROM THE GRAVE #1 horror anthology comic book and download it to your iPad, iPod or iPhone today!

BELA LUGOSI'S TALES FROM THE GRAVE #1 digital comic has exclusive work by top artist JOHN CASSADAY of ASTONISHING X-MEN and PLANETARY fame. It's also a DOUBLE-SIZED comic book created with no ads. That means it has 52 pages of horror anthology stories and material from front cover to back. And the back cover is of the lovely vampire Nosferina by Warner animation artist legend, BRUCE TIMM!

MONSTERVERSE ENTERTAINMENT is a transmedia company publishing comic books and developing horror projects in all mediums.

Kerry Gammill is publisher and editor of MONSTERVERSE and a noted comic book and film design artist.

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