Giant Robot Fans Unite! MORAV Needs A Kickstart

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Sources : Fon Davis / Todd D'Amario

For the past three years I have been talking off-and-on about an amazing giant robot series called M.O.R.A.V. ((Multi-Operational Robotic Armored Vehicle) which has been a pet project of Hollywood effects master Fon Davis. The series has been a true passion for Davis along with a team of movie and television effects veterans who have devoted hours of spare time and money to create a unique sci fi showcase that is heavily inspired by the Japanese anime classics, "Patlabor" and "Macross".

As is the case with any effects heavy project both time and money have been issues that have plagued "M.O.R.A.V." since its conception, yet Davis and company believe in their vision and have kept the giant mechs marching over most obstacles in their path.

Now three years down the pike Davis is so close to his goal of getting a pilot episode that he can shop to networks completed he can taste it. All he needs is another 40 grand and the episode can be completed.

Like many projects I have talked about in the past Davis has created a "Kickstarter" page where fans can donate what they can to help raise the needed funds to move forward.

Now I understand that one cool photo (above) and my word isn't going to cut it. You need a little more before you open up your check book. I got ya. Check out the clip and the synopsis below:

The story begins with the robot pilots and their peers testing and training then follows them through their struggles with the hardships of war. The audience witnesses the start of a global arms race to build the greatest giant robot army in the world. MORAV covers many decades chronicling the characters through a coup de'tat followed by a civil war that eventually leads to World War Three. The viewer will actually get to see the entire historic saga of robot warfare through the eyes of the men and women immersed in this reality.

If you like robot science fiction, MORAV could be what you've always wanted to see but no one has done. This kind of gritty realism is uncommon in the robot science fiction genre. The show is heavily focused on keeping stories character based and making the environment tangible. There is an effort to bring the audience into a world where robots really walk the streets. The robots in this series do not jump, fly, and shoot lasers out of their eyes. They are designed the way giant robots would be if they were real.

The Nation of Kumala. Divided into two separate states, they have endured an uneasy peace for hundreds of years, but now they find themselves embroiled in a bloody conflict that pits East and West at each other’s throats for control of the entire country.

Across the Jilta Straits lies her sister country of Tangri Island. A peaceful nation with a rich blend of traditional Asian heritage and Western-influenced modernisms and, not unlike any other paradise on Earth, there are those who wish to exploit her and take what she has to offer, no matter what the cost.

As tensions evolve into all-out war, heroes from both Tangri and Kumala unite with a corporate peacekeeping detachment of the Joint Nations Defense force in an attempt to prevent the onslaught of genocide. If they fail, the conflict could destroy Kumala and threaten not only the stability of Tangri Island, but engulf the remainder of South-East Asia into a global war.
But even as Tangri’s King deploys his historic special forces team, The Dragon Army, in an attempt to help subdue the ethnic cleansing in Kumala, the JND is secretly testing a new and devastatingly powerful robotic super-weapon on their peaceful island, one that will ravage Tangri’s future before the King’s forces have time to react.

Lines will be drawn, friendships tested, alliances forged, and the balance of military might will be forever changed by a weapon the likes of which no one has ever seen or imagined.

Do I have you now? Go to Kickstarter -

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