Legendary Pictures' Godzilla?

by Armand Vaquer

Is this the design for Legendary Pictures' Godzilla?

Maybe so, maybe no. Anyway, Dread Central posted this photo on their site. They won't bet the farm on it, but can't rule it out either. Fans are dubious.

As for me, it is too spikey for my tastes, but it at least looks like Godzilla and it is a major step above the Sony/TriStar version of 1998.

We'll have to wait and see.

To see Dread Central's write-up on it, go here.

UPDATE: Turns out this picture has been floating around for a while.


  1. Sorry fans .... this one has been floating around the net since 2008 and I don't think LP would use it. The image was also posted on the film's Facebook fan page back in April - http://www.facebook.com/groups/105101326193486/

  2. I actually have loved this design since I first saw it a couple years ago, and I wouldn't complain if they had gone with it. But as Ken says above, this one has been floating around for a long time now, though if the rumor that the sculptor is on board is verified, then something close to this might be possible.

    I'm pretty much up for any look. I had no problems with the GINO design, just that it never once acted like Godzilla. So if they want to tamper with the look I can handle it. If they tamper with what makes Godzilla Godzilla than another flop is in the works.

  3. it is a modle made by hector arce aka fritofrito on deviant art. he hade this one and others, and last time i looked was selling them.


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