Heavy Metal Meets Cryptozoology In Troglodyte's "Welcome To Boggy Creek"

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Neandercore Music

It looks as if the Sasquatch movie craze has crossed over into music! Last week I posted an article featuring Kate Bush's new single "Wild Man" which is about the legendary Yeti, today however I can do you one better. The Kansas City, MO based band Troglodyte not only sing songs about Bigfoot but model their look after the monster as well. Their latest CD, entitled "Welcome To Boggy Creek" as an homage to Charles B. Pierces cult film "The Legend of Boggy Creek", features such tracks as "Symphonies of Sasquatch", "Mummified Yeti Hand", "Bring Me the Head of Bigfoot" and "Skunk Ape Rape."

If you ever wondered what Ministry would sound like with Sasquatch as a front man? ... well that kinda sums up Troglodyte.

Here is the bands bio from their Facebook page:

Formed in 2006, TROGLODYTE draws musical influences from the likes of CARCASS, OBITUARY and ORIGIN also finding inspiration from 70's drive-in horror fare such as THE LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK, THE PIT and NIGHT OF THE DEMON. The band has craved/slashed out it's own niche as the world's first (and only) Bigfoot death-metal band.

Want to find out more? Visit - http://neandercore.com/ or http://www.facebook.com/troglodyteband

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