Of Pissed Off Ewoks, Killer Kong And Alien Anatomy

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Dread Central / Tumblr

Thanks to Uncle Creepy over at Dread Central I have new artist that I really dig named Brad McGinty. Not only is he a very talented artist he is quite the humorist as well. His blog on Tumblr reveals that his grandfather was driven to the bottle by a failed greeting card business that he started after WWII with a Japanese artist he shot in combat. Seems that no one likes to see Santa Claus referred to as "American Christmas Devil"... who knew?

McGinty's work ranges from pissed off ewoks and Alien anatomy cross-sections to some really great monster art.

It may not have worked for grandpa but if the younger McGinty went into the card business ... well you all would be getting his Valentine's Day cards in the mail come February.

Check out McGinty's work over at Tumblr - HERE


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