It's Time Once Again For Godzilla Christmas

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: Inventors Spot / Whyismarko

It's the holiday season again and everyone is thinking about buying gifts, eggnog, Perry Como songs, snow, Christmas carols, setting up an enormous light display in front of their house, friends, family, and of course Godzilla. What the hell does Godzilla have to do with Christmas? Well my naive friend quite a lot as you will soon discover.

Over the past couple of decades a new Godzilla movie has been released each year just before Christmas much to the delight of monster movie maniacs around the globe. Of course when I say released I mean released in Japan. The connection with these films and the happiest of holidays has not been lost on the people who dwell in the land of the rising sun and every year it seems that the monster is primed to kick Santa to the curb for good.

A perfect example of this the Christmas tree at the Aqua City Odaiba shopping mall in Tokyo which is shaped like "the king of monsters". Not only is the thing shaped like Godzilla but it also has eyes that glow red and it shoots out steam from it's mouth!

How friggin cool is that!

Only the Japanese would come up with a 40ft Christmas tree that is shaped like Godzilla that breathes fire!

God, they really are years ahead of us aren't they? Our Kong tree that kidnaps a blond female shopper and climbs to the top of the food court is a decade away at best.

Now many of you may think that this is sacrilegious .... and it probably is, but for some reason some people like to replace the characters from the Bible with Japanese giant monsters in their nativity scenes. Why? Who knows? Yet every year pictures of Godzilla nativity scenes start popping up online just after thanksgiving. This image comes from a blogger's list of the 40 worst nativity scenes. Now is Godzilla Marry or Joseph? Is Ghidorah supposed to be the three wise men? Did they eat up all the sheep and oxen? That stable would have to be huge! More questions here than answers I'm afraid.

Merry Godzilla Christmas!

Hundreds flee in terror as the Godzilla Christmas tree attacks a Tokyo mall!

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