The Monstrous Movie Quote Of The Day: Jennings (Revenge Of The Creature 1955)

"I've lost my white mouse."

- Jennings - Lab Technician (Clint Eastwood)(Revenge of the Creature)(1955)

Let me explain this one. Now normally I post quotes that are quite memorable or witty, and granted "I've lost my white mouse" doesn't really fall into either of those categories. The reason I chose such a quote on this St. Patrick's Day is because it's from one of the "Creature" films (and he's green) and it's the first ever onscreen line uttered by Clint Eastwood (he has Irish blood running through them veins).

In case you don't know who Clint Eastwood is ... well ... he starred in a bunch of Italian westerns, was a sidekick to an orangutan in a couple of movies, played Dirty Harry and directed some Oscar winning films.

Yep, he's done okay for himself.

As it were Eastwood was uncredited for his role as Jennings The Lab Technician in "Revenge of the Creature" much like Leonard Nimoy (as an Air Force sergeant) in "Them!" and George Takei in "Rodan".

Gee ... maybe Clint should have tried out for "Star Trek?" ... well no use looking back at what may have been.

You can't pinch this post ... it's got green all over it!

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