Monsterpalooza 2012

Above, The Monster confronts Elizabeth in "Frankenstein" in Monsterpalooza's Museum.

It was another fun Monsterpalooza in Burbank this year. I attended yesterday afternoon. The crowds waiting to get in were huge, despite an occasional downpour.

The first person I recognized was Godzilla suit-maker Shinichi Wakasa. We chatted a bit over at The Daily Grill, the Burbank Marriott's restaurant. I introduced longtime G-FEST volunteer Barbara Weiler to him.

While waiting to get in, a gent in a homemade Gill-man suit entertained people in line (below).

Once inside, I made my way to Mondo Cult magazine's table and met with Jessie Lilley. Earlier, I had Don Glut snap this shot of actor/writer/film historian Ted Newsom and me (below).

Wandering around, I found that the usual great exhibits one expects at Monsterpalooza were in abundance. Mike Hill's life-size sculptures (below) of Jack Pierce (with The Mummy) and Rick Baker (with An American Werewolf In London) were terrific.

Naturally, Monsterpalooza had celebritites and big names in the horror genre in abundance. Sara Karloff (daughter of Boris) had a table (below) as did Bela Lugosi Jr.

After meandering around the vendor areas, I made my way into Monsterpalooza's Museum. Here's some of the highlights in the museum:

Above, several portraits of Boris Karloff, Vincent Price and Al Lewis.

Above, "Avatar."

Above, Godzilla was represented by this huge sculpture.

Above, The Monster and Henry Frankenstein struggle on the mill.

Following the Museum, I made my way to the autograph section where I obtained this autographed photo of actress Caroline Munro (from 1977's The Spy Who Loved Me) with Roger Moore (below).

And, had a photo taken with her:

After this, I had to dash off to pick up my roomie in Pasadena.

Monsterpalooza continues today and tomorrow.

If you can, head out to Burbank and have yourself a great time!

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