The Monstrous Movie Clip Of The Day: Wabbits Wabbits Wabbits!

Written By: Ken Hulsey

Happy Easter Monster Maniacs! Everybody loves rabbits right? They are cute, cuddly and make great pets. I'm sure that many of you gave a rabbit as a gift to innocent child this Easter didn't you?

Well you may want to rethink that gift after watching this clip from the classic (?) horror film "Night of the Lepus". It plainly illustrates just how vicious those cute little critters can become! One little science experiment goes awry and bingo ... you have a herd of giant mutant bunnies running around killing campers and chowing down on local cattle.

"Zillions and twillions of wabbits! Where are they all coming from?" - Elmer Fudd

Indeed there are "zillions and twillions" of real bunnies running around miniature sets in "Night of the Lepus" which was one of a group of "critter on the loose" films produced during the 1970s that included "Empire of the Ants", "Food of the Gods", "The Giant Spider Invasion" and "Kingdom of the Spiders".

In the end the residents of Tucson, which include cowboy actor Stuart Whitman, Psycho alum Janet Leigh, Star Trek doc Deforest Kelley, and the dashing Rory Calhoun, decide to electrify a set of railroad track like some giant Lionel train set and "fwicassee" (Fudd) them all. Of course the plan works and the world is saved!

Certainly it would have been in better taste to post a clip from a spiritual film like "The Ten Commandments", "Ben-Hur" or "The Greatest Story Ever Told" on a day like today, but that's not how we roll here at Monster Island News. Instead we like to leave you with visions of giant rabbits covered in fake blood running and running and running .....

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