Comics For Sale Saturday In Tarzana

Above, can you believe it is almost 20 years since this comic was published?
Two more days until Saturday's comic book yard sale number 3. This will be the last one for a bit, so I can enjoy my Saturdays and not wake up my roomie as I carry stuff out for setting up.

It starts at 9:00 AM until 1:00 PM.

I have lots of Silver Age (1960s) DCs, Bronze Age (1970s) DCs and a mix of Modern Age (1990s) comics from different publishers (DC, Image, Valiant, Dark Horse).

The location is 18618 Collins Street, Tarzana, CA (cross streets are Reseda Blvd. and U.S. 101 Freeway).

Above, this 1961 "Death of Superman" was actually the better story.
As this year marks 20 years since the "Death of Superman" storyline, I have to mention that I have many copies of the comics of this historical storyline.  I have several UNOPENED bagged collectors editions of Superman no. 75.   That's the one that has the mourning band with the Superman "S" on it, etc.  I'll let them go for $10.00 each.

Additionally, I will have The Monster Movie Fan's Guide To Japan available!

C'mon down!


  1. Id come on down but I live in Ohio sounds like your getting rid of some of my favorites I used to read the sliver age because Marvel gave me nightmares

    hope you have a great sale :)



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