Monster Yakety Yak

"When I was nine I played the demon king in Cinderella and it launched me on a long and happy life of being a monster." - Boris Karloff

"I'd like to quit the supernatural roles and play just an interesting, down-to-earth person." - Bela Lugosi

"The film makers were scratching their heads wondering who they could get to put on the (Godzilla) suit, then the remembered my stunt. They thought hey let's get that guy we set on fire last year." - Haruo Nakajima

"My father would be horrified if he knew I was making it in the pictures and that I'm not billed as Creighton Chaney." - Lon Chaney Jr.

"No matter what you do, you can act your heart out, but people will always say, "Oh, Julie Adams - Creature from the Black Lagoon." - Julie Adams

"Often we'd secretly like to do the very things we discipline ourselves against. Isn't that true? Well, here in the movies I can be as mean, as wicked as I want to - and all without hurting anybody. Look at that lovely girl I've just shot!" - Claude Rains

"Lon Chaney and Boris Karloff didn't like the word 'horror'. They, like I, went for the French description: 'the theatre of the fantastique'." - Christopher Lee

"I don't play monsters. I play men besieged by fate and out for revenge." - Vincent Price

"My wife has good taste. She has seen very few of my movies." - Boris Karloff

"The monster was very hard to play because the (King Kong) suit was so different. The arms were long, longer than my own, and I had to use sticks to control the hands, also the legs were short so I had to walk all hunched over." - Haruo Nakajima

"As far as I see it 'Creature from the Black Lagoon' was just another movie and it was just another job. I've done many things since then that I am much more proud of. But I've gotten more reaction out of the Creature thing than anything else. Well, I guess that's life!" - Ricou Browning

"Every actor's greatest ambition is to create his own, definite and original role, a character with which he will always be identified. In my case, that role was Dracula." - Bela Lugosi

"He [Merian C. Cooper] called me into his office and showed me sketches of jungle scenes and told me, 'You're going to have the tallest, darkest leading man in Hollywood'. Naturally, I thought Clark Gable. But then he showed me this sketch of a giant ape up the side of the Empire State Building, and he said, 'There's your leading man'. - Fay Wray

"A reporter noticed me and a much smaller mate of mine when he visited his sick mom in the hospital where I was working and photographed us walking together and took some pictures of my feet. I didn't win the big feet contest, but that eventually led to my role in Sinbad." - Peter Mayhew

"They were considered B pictures because they were made on a tight budget. But we outlived many of the A pictures made at the same time." - Ray Harryhausen

"I sometimes feel that I'm impersonating the dark unconscious of the whole human race. I know this sounds sick, but I love it." - Vincent Price

"One is always considered mad when one perfects something that others cannot grasp." - Ed Wood

"I took a lot of my anger that had been stored inside of me for many years and let it loose. I helped to create the character Varla [in Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! (1965)] and helped to make her someone that many women would love to be like." - Tura Satana

" I don't really scare them any more than do Jungle Jim, Dan Dunn, Tarzan, and the other heroes of the comic sections." - Boris Karloff

""The most memorable thing I did in that film (Bride of Frankenstein), I believe, was my screaming. In almost all my movies since, I've been called upon to scream. I don't know if it's by chance, but I would like to think that I'm not hired for that talent alone" - Elsa Lanchester

"I will play no more monsters. Dracula is different; he is such an exciting person." - Christopher Lee

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