Project U.F.O.

Ezekiel saw the wheel. This is the wheel he said he saw. These are unidentified flying objects that people say they are seeing now. Are they proof that we are being visited by civilizations from other stars? Or just what are they? The United States Air Force began an investigation of this high strangeness in a search for the truth. What you are about to see is part of that 20-year search.

'Project U.F.O.' features two U.S. Air Force investigators charged with investigating UFO sightings. The first season starred William Jordan (as "Maj. Jake Gatlin") and Caskey Swaim (as "Staff Sgt. Harry Fitz"). Jordan was a rather nondescript leading man, while Swaim (who had never had any significant acting experience before landing the role) added diversity as a Southerner with a pronounced accent. In season two, Jordan was replaced by Edward Winter (as "Capt. Ben Ryan"). Aldine King ("Libby") was another regular. Dr. Joyce Brothers appeared in two episodes. - IMDB

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