Thundering out of unknown skies--The super-sonic hell-creature no weapon could destroy!

The King Brothers attempted to add footage to the American version of "Rodan" (1956) of American Navy and Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force ships firing their main guns and anti-aircraft batteries at the Rodans (the Kings had switched the city from Fukuoka, which had no naval facilities, to Sasebo, which had them). The brothers wanted footage of joint American-Japanese naval gunfire exercises, but the Pentagon refused, to avoid the Soviets seeing training techniques. Ironically, a year later, in 1957 with "The Mysterians," the Pentagon would freely offer stock footage for public relations purposes.

The King Brothers were reportedly concerned that their dubbing actors would sorely mispronounce the word "Fukuoka" at inappropriate moments. - IMDB

What the Fukuoka?

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