The Bloody Rage of Bigfoot - The Book Based on the Film

You saw it on the big screen in stunning 3-D, now read the story that started it all!

Yes indeed horror movie junkies James Baack's unique take on Sasquatch cinema is now available in book form on Amazon Kindle!

If for some reason you are not familiar with this one let me summarize it for you. A serial killer in a pig mask, a maniacal clown, a pair of sexy witches who are into the rough stuff and ... of course ... Bigfoot come together in a roller-coaster of a tale of occult, mystery and cryptozoology.

Got your attention didn't it?

Here is a brief synopsis:

Bigfoot Horror master, Eric S. Brown, returns with an adaptation of Great Lake Films' The Bloody Rage of Bigfoot. Like a 1970s Marvel horror comic, The Bloody Rage of Bigfoot blends action and horror as two witches and the world's leading Sasquatch expert seek vengeance and attempt to stop the legendary monster's latest killing spree.

Once you read 'The Bloody Rage of Bigfoot' you will never think of Bigfoot the same way again!

Never mind the fact that my name is in the credits ...

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