Daisy Is In My Warehouse - Nevada Man Claims To Have Bigfoot Corpse

"What I saw was a Sasquatch, and there's no question in my mind it was at one point a living creature. (The feet) were extremely wide from the center up to the toes and it had completely hair-covered feet. So much so, it was extremely hard to find the toes. I had to actually pull back some hair to see the toes."

Source: Digital Journal

First a mysterious group claimed to have a living Sasquatch , then there was the DNA evidence, now Nevada man named Rick Dyer claims to have the body of one of the creatures locked up in his warehouse. Dyer claims that he shot the legendary monster somewhere near San Antonio, Texas and then transported the body back to his home.

Dyer has only let a handful of people view the corpse so far stating that he already has a contractual agreement with a documentary film company that prohibits a public display. This of course sounds remarkably like the recent "Daisy is in the box" story that surfaced a little over a month ago wherein a an organization called the "Quantra Team" claimed to have a living Bigfoot in their possession. In that report it was stated that a documentary film crew had filmed the capture of the legendary monster and it's subsequent scientific study.

One would have to speculate at this point whether both stories are linked in someway or if the whole thing is just more crypto fodder?

Here is the article:
San Antonio - A Nevada man Rick Dyer, claims he has shot and killed a Bigfoot in San Antonio, Texas. But his claim has only raised an angry uproar among fans of the legendary humanoid who say it is hoax. 
KSAT reports that Dyer's announcement that he shot a Bigfoot in San Antonio last September raised interest and caused some excitement in the online Bigfoot community. According to San Antonio City Press, Dyer, who runs a website called BigfootTracker.com, boasts he is "going to go down in history as the best Bigfoot tracker in the world." 
KSAT reports he makes a living tracking the mythical creature. He claims that over the past four years he has been on 90 expeditions in search for Bigfoot in the United States, Mexico, Russia and China. 
He said: "I have been all over the world searching for Bigfoot. I have moved my family to seven different states. I am dedicated." 
Curiously, he has not displayed the body of the Bigfoot he claims to have shot for public inspection. He claims this is because of a contractual agreement he has with a documentary crew which requires that he release the film first. 
The Bigfoot hunter claims that he snapped a picture of Bigfoot on his cellphone before he shot it. He claims he shot it in San Antonia, Texas, and according to KSAT, he claims he has one witness, Musky Allen.

Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/343703#ixzz2LGpDO2OV

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