Nevermore Toys to Release 'Legendary Monsters' Toy Line

From Toy News

Experienced toy and game designer sets up Nevermore Toys and urban legend figures.

A toy start-up company is seeking investment for its first range of figures dubbed Legendary Monsters.

Web users can help fund the line of toys based on US urban legends - like Mothman and The Jersey Devil (pictured) - via Nevermore Toys' Kickstarter page.
$9,455 has currently been pledged by backers and the goal is $25,000. The company has a couple of weeks left to seek the remaining $15,000 or so, or they'll receive nothing at all.

Four creatures are included in the first “Legendary Monsters” series, including Mothman, a winged, man-like creature spotted by two couples in Point Pleasant, West Virginia in 1966.


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