Roger and Mickey the new Martin and Lewis?

From Cinema Blend

We've been hearing rumors for years regarding a potential sequel to the Robert Zemeckis hit Who Framed Roger Rabbit, but at the end of the day it very well could be another project that brings the titular cartoon bunny back to the big screen. The other day rumors were launched that a remake of the Dean Martin-Jerry Lewis comedy The Stooge was in the works with the lead characters set to be replaced by Mickey Mouse and Roger Rabbit. But as outlandish as that may sound, it turns out that it's actually true.

Following on the heels of the rumor, which was launched by AICN, the great Gary K. Wolf, who created Roger Rabbit, wrote a letter to the site explaining that the movie is real and currently being pitched as a 100% animated film to Disney/Pixar. According to the author, the film would have many of the same plot elements as the original version of The Stooge - which came out in 1952 - but would not be a straight remake. Producer Erik von Wodtke has already developed a story and a treatment for the movie, which is invisione4d as a "musical buddy comedy." Said Wolf about the project,


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