Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition - Racist?

Source: ABC News

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition has been a staple of dorm rooms and could be found under any teenage boys bed for almost fifty years. During that time no one would ever argue that the magazine had almost anything to do with actually selling bikinis as it was to showcasing a little wholesome T&A.

Now, however it isn't all the skin that has some people upset. Despite all the boobs and asses the magazine is now being labeled as racist and not for the reason you would imagine. No it's not for featuring a limited number of women   of African descent that's the issue, it's for actually featuring photos shot in Africa with the local indigenous residents posed with the models that has people all worked up.

Here is the article:

Sport Illustrated is under fire for their newest swimsuit edition.

The issue is known for its pictures with scantily clad women in international locations.

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This year's photos show the models sharing air time with natives on all seven continents. Some are calling the pictures and online videos insensitive, claiming the magazine is using people of color as background or extras as part of the fashion.

"For me, the African picture was probably the most offensive because it played on some of the most old and stereotypical images," said Mark Lamont, a Columbia University professor. "It showed the African as primitive, as almost uncivilized." - READ ARTICLE

Here are some less offensive photos from this years Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition:

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  1. Mr. Profesor, they are uncivilaised, you dont see it????


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