Star Trek's Enterprise to boldly go ... to San Diego?

From U-T San Diego

Suddenly San Diego is the final frontier.

SDSU is trying to build a real "trirecorder." UCSD is holding a symposium in May to answer the question: "Is this the century we begin to build starships?" (Spoiler: Duh.)

And now a replica of the Starship Enterprise may be landing in San Diego next year.

The news was first beamed up by, which reports a display version of the bridge from television's "Star Trek: The Next Generation" is being refurbished by a group called New Starship. (No word on whether their theme song is "We Built This ... Copy.")

Here's what contributor Elizabeth Howell wrote:

Nothing's confirmed yet, but organizer Huston Huddleston said he is in talks with the San Diego Air & Space Museum to bring the bridge there in the middle of 2014. It will remain there for a year, the plan goes, before possibly hitting the road for other locations.


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