ComiXpress Going Out-Of-Business

by Armand Vaquer

I had a suspicion that this was coming.  I kept getting messages that their website is undergoing "maintenance." But a post from ComiXpress's president Logan DeAngelis today confirms my suspicions.

They are shutting down after a nine-year run. Thank goodness I have plenty of copies of The Monster Movie Fan's Guide To Japan to cover upcoming conventions and shows until I find a new publisher.

ComiXpress is a print-on-demand publisher of comic books and magazines.  They have been the publisher of The Monster Movie Fan's Guide To Japan since 2009. This forces me to look for another comparable publisher.

Here's DeAngelis's message:
When we started ComiXpress back in 2004 it was just a handful of comic book creators with a dream to use new technologies to help their fellow creators get their books into print. We were lucky enough not only to have the know-how to make this dream a reality, but also the passion necessary to see where the road took us. Over the course of these nine years we have served hundreds of creators and printed thousands of books. And from the smallest single-copy order for an aspiring cartoonist not even in their teens to huge convention orders for industry legends, we have sincerely loved every minute of it. 
As our nine year anniversary approached we took a step back and looked at how we’ve grown in that time and what the next nine years might mean for us – both as a company, and as the creative individuals who make up the pieces of that company. Ultimately, after much soul-searching we realized that although it’s been an amazing nine years, sometimes things just run their course and we’ve made the decision to close our doors. This decision wasn’t made lightly but we feel it’s time to close this chapter. 
On the technical side, we wanted to let you know that all paid for orders will be shipping promptly, but no other orders will be moving forward. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 
As we move now to shut down the presses and pack up the computers, we have some thanks we’d like to make. First, thank you to each and every creator whom we had the opportunity to work with. We never felt like your printer; we felt like your partner in bringing your wonderful works to the printed page. Next, thank you to the readers whose voracious appetite for independent, creator owned comics gave us the fuel to get out of bed in the morning. And finally to every member of our ComiXpress crew, past and present. We have always been more family than co-workers, and without exception you helped every day to make the impossible a reality. Go get some sleep and kiss your kids; you’ve earned it. 
It really does feel strange to think that we won’t be making comics for you any more, but we truly hope that everyone who has worked with us over the past nine years will look back fondly on us and what we tried so hard to do for the creators. 
Thank you all for such a great run, and wishing you all success in your future comics.
Logan DeAngelis President, ComiXpress Inc.

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Source: Anime News Network.
Get 'em while you can!

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  1. Dang. Thanks for the update about this. I wasn't able to get to the site to look into another order.


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