Godzilla set pics show the monster's path of destruction

From io9

A new crop of photos from Gareth Edwards's monster movie gives a good look into the raw joyful demolition in this Godzilla reboot.

All the classic monster movie tropes are here! Giant monster splashes? Check. Foggy seas? Check. Little kids fleeing their school in adorable uniforms? Check.

This is starting to feel like a real Godzilla picture, lets just hope it doesn't turn into the giant egg-laying monstrosity from 1998.


A virtual Godzilla made quite a big splash in Steveston on Thursday morning, when locals and visitors were treated to a Hollywood behind-the-scenes moment. Using a massive hydraulic lift, a floating stage, a mega-green screen suspended from a crane, water cannons simulating bow-breaking waves, along with a replica of a navy ship, what looked like a monster-sized battle was being filmed by what’s known as a second unit—none of the big actors were on site. The $100-million-plus movie is slated to be released in May of 2014, and stars Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston.


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