Star Trek: Does a man really need to apologize for Alice Eve's underwear scene?

From The Telegraph

Although the Oxford-educated actress would have known what she was doing in that underwear scene, Katy Brand says she would've also been aware of the fate of actresses before her who had insisted on keeping their clothes on.

Who was it that said, ‘it’s better to beg forgiveness than ask permission’? Well, that little maxim for life must have been at the very forefront of Star Trek: Into The Darkness writer and producer Damon Lindelof’s mind this week when he issued a heartfelt apology for including a scene featuring Alice Eve in her underwear. Needless to say, Alice Eve looks very good in her underwear, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she has to conduct an entire scene in it.

What prompted this mea culpa? An increasing awareness of the gender imbalance in big budget films? It was revealed this week in Cannes that just 28pc of speaking roles go to women. A burning sense of injustice at the treatment of young actresses? A visitation by an alien space Queen (perhaps even a lesbian Queen), to inform him that her armies of outraged Extra-Terrestrial Fembots were coming to get him?


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