Godzilla: "Massive" and "Majestic"

by Armand Vaquer

Above, a Gira-Goji prop at the Bandai Museum in 2005.  Photo by Armand Vaquer.
Things are happening down in San Diego at the Comic Con International.

Those who were able to attend the session caught a glimpse of Godzilla. The reactions, thus far, has been "majestic," "massive," "chills," "goosebumps" and "no mutant iguanas this time."

Attendees say that the tone of the movie (from the footage they've been able to see) is much different than the 1998 Tri-Star version.

According to the Denver Post:
SAN DIEGO—Exploding airplanes, flattened trains, massive missiles and even more massive monsters greeted Comic-Con fans Saturday morning. 
The footage showed Godzilla battling another giant monster, nearly decimating an airport and sending cities into chaos.
From what I am gathering, Godzilla battles with a "giant insectioid" monster.

The indicators (for days) are that Godzilla looks like Godzilla. That alone is a major step in the right direction!

I haven't seen any photos of the Big G from the session as yet.  But the day isn't over.

To read more, go here.

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