Superman v Batman: A villainous turn

Zack Snyder and David Goyer will have to tread carefully to keep fans hooked, but this could see the genre go stratospheric

Make no mistake: Warner Bros has pulled off a huge coup with its announcement at this weekend's Comic-Con that the next Man of Steel movie will feature Superman battling Batman. Even with rival studio Marvel using San Diego's annual fanboy Mecca to reveal the title (and antagonist) of the next Avengers film, it is the news that Kal-El and the caped crusader will be squaring off that has caught the imagination of public and media alike. That's some feat when you consider that Marvel's comic book ensemble was by far the biggest film of 2012 at the global box office, while Man of Steel hasn't yet passed the haul taken by the fourth Spider-Man movie and got a lukewarm thumbs up from critics.



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