How do you ask for jobs help in Klingon?

Worf probably never needed the services of the Illinois Department of Employment Security, but if he did he wouldn’t need a translator.

The “Star Trek” character could do almost everything from engineering to communications to security. He probably wouldn’t have much of a problem getting a job in Illinois or anywhere else in a real or fictional universe.

However, if he did need to go to IDES, which helps with unemployment claims, benefits, job searches and more, he could get his questions answered in his native Klingon.

The IDES website has offered a Klingon language translator since May. It was part of a promotion for the movie “Star Trek Into Darkness.”

“The Klingon language translator was free. It drives people to the website and introduces them to our services,” said Greg Rivara, a spokesman for IDES. “It’s smart business to leave it up as long as people are talking about it.”

Rivara said every once in a while a newspaper stumbles across the Klingon translator and decides to write about it. It was our turn.


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