Mars Attacks Stan Lee’s Comikaze

Source: Stan Lee's Comikaze News

 The Topps Company and Stan Lee’s Comikaze teaming up to bring MARS ATTACKS to Comikaze Expo this Nov 1-3! Topps - setting up shop at the Comikaze Expo for the first time - will bring an exclusive MARS ATTACKS trading card featuring Stan Lee himself facing off against their iconic Martian invader!

Limited to just 2500 cards and painted by Joe Jusko, the card entitled "Stan Strikes!" will be given away FREE on a first-come, first-served basis and available ONLY at Comikaze!

Topps will be on hand at this year’s Comikaze to promote the release of Mars Attacks: Invasion, the modern revival of the classic card series and the first all-new, story-based MARS ATTACK card series in more than half a century! A limited edition poster featuring Joe Jusko's stunning painting will also be available for sale at the Topps booth - signed by the artist - while supplies last!

 For ticket information, go here.

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