Sighting of Strange Creature Reported in China’s Highest Alpine Lake

Workers at a volcano monitoring station near Tianchi Lake have recently reported sighting a strange creature in the large crater lake, located at the top of Changbai Mountain in China’s northeastern Jilin Province. The head of the creature is described as vaguely resembling that of a deer.

At 5 a.m. on July 27, Wu Chengzhi, a worker from the volcano monitoring station near the lake, travelled up the northern slope of Changbai Mountain with a colleague to take measurements of the lake’s water temperature and retrieve gas samples from the lake, reported Chengshi Wanbao, a Jilin-based newspaper.

Wu said he saw a v-shaped ripple on the surface of the lake, as if there was something grazing the surface of the water, and took a picture of it. The resulting photo captured what appeared to be a deer-like creature’s head poking through the surface of the water.

The Tianchi Lake creature has been famous in the region since ancient times, with descriptions in ancient literature. The first reported sighting in recent times was in 1903. Some reports have been of sightings of multiple creatures.


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