Airline Pulls Playboy Bunnies for Flirty 2014 Flight Attendant Calendar

From Jaunted

Bought your naughty flight attendant calendar for 2014 yet? There are some solid options already, like Ryanair's bikinis and AirBaltic's beauties, but Nok Air's bunnies may take the cake.

Nok, a budget airline based in Bangkok, called up Playboy Thailand and collaborated with the men's publication to choose the "10 Hottest Bunnies" to star alongside Nok's colorful fleet of Boeing 737s (and ATR 72s) for a 2014 calendar. There's no word on the cost of the calendar, but it's safe to assume that passengers may buy them onboard Nok's flights.

This isn't the first time Nok has invited outside ladies to stand in for their actual staff. For their 2013 calendar, Nok partnered up with Maxim to shoot glamor models posing in and around their planes.

Want to see what real Nok flight attendants look like? We flew the budget airline on a brief flight from Bangkok to Phuket and filed a full review and photos.

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