Doctor Who: A new era begins as Peter Capaldi starts filming today

From Radio Times

For Doctor Who fans today is the beginning of a new era – the day Peter Capaldi films his first full episodes as the Doctor.

Those eager to find out what Capaldi's Time Lord will be wearing after he sheds Matt Smith's tweed jacket, will be scouring the internet for details of the Cardiff location where filming will take place for the eighth series.

Capaldi has already got into the spirit of his new life by attending Sunday’s screening at Bafta Cymru of the second Sherlock episode, another show overseen by Doctor Who stalwarts Mark Gatiss and showrunner Steven Moffat.

Already, his approach to the role has been the subject of fevered speculation, with a generation of fans unused to a more seasoned actor playing the Doctor.

At 55, Capaldi is just two months younger than the first and oldest Doctor, William Hartnell, when the first ever episode aired – while Matt Smith was just 26 when he took on the role.

Details of the costume are being kept firmly under wraps, although his look is expected to mix old and new, according to sources.

Earlier this year, Moffat revealed that Capaldi is quite particular about his appearance, pointing out that “he likes his clothes….he’s got very strong opinions about clothes, he’s very dashing".



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