Steven Moffat: Matt Smith is the best and bravest Time Lord of them all

From Radio Times

Steven Moffat told Matt Smith that he was the “best and bravest time Lord of them all” when bidding farewell to the actor on the set of the Doctor Who Christmas Special.

In the BBC’s DVD extras release of the Christmas special episode, The Time of the Doctor, the showunner is shown delivering his eulogy to an emotional Smith on the final day of filming.

Paying tribute to him Moffat says: “I’m glad I don’t have two hearts because they would both be breaking at the moment.

“I have a complaint against time travel. I would like today not to have arrived. Everybody: a big round of applause for the best and bravest Time Lord of them all: Matt Smith.”

Smith is shown embracing Moffat and, in common with his predecessor David Tennant, was then presented with his Sonic Screwdriver from the show.

Smith also confessed to being too emotional to speak on the DVD at one point.

The interview material also sees Moffat disclose that he and Smith agreed that the manner of the farewell of his Doctor would not be “triumphant.”



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