Avengers Movie Full-Size Premium Pinball Machine

Avengers Movie Full-Size Premium Pinball Machine

$6,999.99 - Entertainment Earth

Play pinball with the Avengers!
Premium full-size The Avengers-themed pinball machine!
Spotlights 6 iconic heroes: Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Black Widow, and Hawkeye.
Features an animated twisting and pounding Hulk figure!
Includes multi-ball action and tons of high-end features.
Assemble the Avengers to defeat Loki!

Stern Pinball is thrilled to bring The Avengers to the game of pinball! This full-size Avengers Premium Edition Pinball Machine features a dynamic setting that incorporates six iconic The Avengers heroes: Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Black Widow, and Hawkeye. Players help the Avengers assemble to defeat notorious villain Loki. With an animated twisting and pounding, custom-molded Hulk figure and drop targets, this sensational game includes multi-ball action and tons of high-end, premium features! The Avengers Comic Premium Pinball Machine features a traditional coin door slot, so nobody gets to play for free. Enhanced Premium Game Users' Manual included.

Features include:
Raging Hulk animated target with magnet and ball interaction
Raging Hulk ramp throwing action
Spinning Tesseract Cube target featuring C-O-S-M-I-C spell-out awards
Stainless-steel launch ramp with back-lit, laser-cut Avengers logo
Black Widow ramp with spinning target and diverter
Hawkeye ramp with ball diverter and stainless-steel arrow crossramp
Drop targets that spell out H-U-L-K and T-H-O-R
Various stand-up targets
Gamma ray ball eject
Two electronically controlled gates
6 balls
Traditional red LED dot matrix display
Translite backglass
Traditional backbox
Lock-down bar, slides, and brackets
Hi-definition cabinet artwork
Powder-coated metallic-red steel bottom arch
Black powder-coated front molding, legs, side armor, and hinges
Traditional coin door
Users' manual

The fully assembled pinball machine measures 75 1/2-inches tall x 27-inches wide x 55-inches long and weighs 250 pounds. Boxed, it measures 56-inches tall x 31-inches wide x 31-inches long and weighs 285 lbs.

Size: 75 1/2-inches tall

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