Star Trek: 10 Things It Should Learn From Doctor Who

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Star Trek and Doctor Who have a great deal of things in common, specifically in terms of the background development of each show and their aims as both shows were developed back in the 1960s when television was still in its relative infancy.

Television has very much grown up since, and Doctor Who has along with it, enjoying enduring success, even despite some faltering moments. In that respect, the British TV institution can offer Star Trek the path it should take in the future to recapture its own successes.

There’s also other similarities to be considered – the viewers for Doctor Who gradually dropped off during the late 1980s leading to its cancellation in 1989. It was then made into a movie that fans weren’t completely happy with after several changes were made compared to the television series. Does this scenario sound familiar to Star Trek fans?

Who has since gone from strength to strength after a rebirth under Russell T. Davies and later Steven Moffat, and it has become a worldwide phenomenon, with the kind of fan following that Star Trek hasn’t had since the days of The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine.

That relaunch is exactly what Star Trek needs, but there are a number of specific steps that any new show leader must take on in order to find the same kind of success as Doctor Who. Click next to find out exactly what those points are.


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