Stephanie Brown Returns as the Spoiler!

From DC Comics

It isn’t exactly a news flash around here to say that we love Barbara Gordon. But that doesn’t mean we haven’t missed Stephanie Brown. If you’re like us—and we know that there are many, many of you out there who are—you’re not going to want to miss Batman Eternal this week. In fact, if you’ve fallen behind in our weekly Bat-series, you may want to spend this afternoon getting caught up. Why? Well, let’s just say when it comes to this week’s BATMAN ETERNAL #24, you CAN judge this book by its cover.

Yes, this week’s action packed new issue marks the full-on return of the Spoiler. Okay to clarify, we met Stephanie quite a few issues ago, and have already seen her adopt the Spoiler moniker. But we haven’t seen her in action until this week. This is the issue that will remind everyone how much they loved her and show newer fans why Stephanie Brown remains such a popular character. It features a confrontation with her father, the Cluemaster, and a ton of don’t-try-this-at-home moments including a thrilling—Well, that would be telling. Just believe us when we say that if you miss Stephanie Brown, this is the issue for you!



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