Living the Logan Legacy: Tim Seeley & X-23

From Marvel Comics

A world without Wolverine leaves everyone in the Marvel Universe reeling.

Of all those impacted, however, X-23 wonders if his death defines her fate as well, something writer Tim Seeley explores in October’s DEATH OF WOLVERINE: THE LOGAN LEGACY #2. Seeley tells where he and artist Ariela Kristantina plan to take the former assassin berserker as she copes with the loss of her genetic kin. What interested you most about getting to write an installment in this critical post-Death of Wolverine limited series, THE LOGAN LEGACY?

Tim Seeley: Mostly it was the chance to work with [editors] Mike [Marts] and Katie [Kubert] again, as well as the crew I work with on Batman Eternal, James [Tynion IV], Ray [Fawkes], Kyle [Higgins], and the bonus Marguerite [Bennett]! Plus, I thought it’d be interesting to deal with a Marvel U without Wolverine, since he’s been so prominently in the forefront of comics since I started reading them. From your perspective, what makes X-23 such an engaging character to write and also so critical to the legacy concept?

Tim Seeley: Well, she’s actually part Wolverine, in that she shares a lot of his DNA, but she’s never been his daughter. So that makes for some interesting conflicts for her to deal with. Honestly I was never really very into X-23, I think the clone thing turned me off, but [I’m interested in] having her have to deal with the death of a guy whose life could determine her future appealed to me; the idea of nature vs. nurture, and if she’s predestined to live Logan's life. Without giving too much away, how does she react to Logan’s death?

Tim Seeley: At first, I think she sees it as very fatalistic. She sees her end in the way he died. She thinks her future is written.



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