Godzilla gets music festival for 60th birthday

From Inside Japan News Network

It's a mark of how beloved and adored the great Godzilla is in his home country of Japan that the beastie will get a birthday music festival in his honour next January, in celebration of turning 60.

The creature, who originally wrecked havoc in Tokyo in a black-and-white film of the same name released in 1954, has spawned an entire franchise of subsequent movies and is a recognisable pop culture icon across the world.

There have been action figures, TV spin-offs, cartoons, and even appearances on The Simpsons - so perhaps it's little wonder that the people of Japan wanted to make sure Godzilla celebrated his sixtieth in style.

The event programme will be split into two separate parts, with the first comprising a live performance of Symphonic Fantasia No. 1, also known as the Main Godzilla Theme, composed by the prolific Akira Ifukube for the film.

And who better to perform the piece than the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, led by composer/conductor Kaoru Wada who happens to be an apprentice of the late Ifukube?

This segment will also feature a question and answer session with the star of the original film Shiro Sano, who has made reappearances in some of the subsequent incarnations as well.

The second part of the festival will feature a full showing of the original film, with the soundtrack provided once again by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, along with female chorus Chor June. All attendees will receive a special commemorative bookmark upon entry.

Seats are priced at 6,500 yen, 7,500 yen, or 8,500 each depending on where you want to seat and the event will take place at the NHK Hall in Tokyo. The doors open at 4:15pm and both long-running fans and newcomers alike are welcomed.


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